How Blockchain will change the fashion industry

Last week Forbes published an article on how Blockchain has the potential to overhaul supply chain. Supply chain is essentially the entire system involved in moving a product or service from supplier to customer. Blockchain is best known as the technology behind Bitcoin, but innovators like faizod are currently working on projects to use Blockchain to track the movement of products and information.
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faizod achieves Blockchain-IoT marriage

Last week in partnership with Q-Perior two members of faizod took part in the SAP InnoJam and DemoJam Ultimate Developer Competition.

SAP is a German software corporation that develops business software for managing business operations and customer relations. The coding challenge was sponsored by Hewlett Packard Enterprise and invited talented professionals from the IT community as well as SAP customers, partners, and colleges to show what they can do.

Teams were given 30 hours to develop application prototypes using cloud-based SAP technology to answer a specific question and projects were judged and ranked at the end.
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Supply Chain with Blockchain – Showcase RFID


Fraud in the fashion industry is a major challenge for brand manufacturers. Counterfeit products are often produced in Asian countries and are marketed through established distribution channels. Often, the same processes are used to produce, transport, and distribute the originals. For a consumer, it is not possible or very difficult to distinguish and original from a counterfeit. The differences are marginal to nonexistent. Clothing and accessories including t-shirts, pants, jackets, shirts, sweaters, shoes, suits, bags, and glasses are all at risk for being counterfeited. Tamper-proof Blockchain technology in combination with RFID offers an optimal solution for identifying original products.
The basic idea is to label each product with a one-to-one counterfeit-proof feature and to then track it using a global supply chain based on a Blockchain. This paper describes the solution based on the Blockchain-RFID combination.
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Recap: faizod at CeBIT 2017

Last week thousands of companies gathered in Hannover for the largest and most influential technology trade show in the world, CeBIT. Hundreds of thousands of visitors were in attendance and had the opportunity to see the latest and greatest in technological innovation for business.

This year’s partner country was Japan, and 120 companies from Japan were in attendance. faizod was posted in hall 5 with a number of other companies from Saxony.
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CeBIT 2017 starts NOW!

We’ve made the journey to Hannover and it’s all getting started now. Last night kicked off the world’s biggest and most influential technology trade show, CeBIT.

Each year thousands of companies from all over the world gather here to host hundreds of thousands of visitors. Those in attendance get a glimpse at wild new innovations and take their imaginations on a journey through endless possibilities for life-changing technology.
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Consulting the consultants: faizod at Thescon

On February 24th Olaf Stöwer of faizod gave an hour and a half long presentation to a group of consultants at the firm Thescon. Thescon is a consulting specialist firm for companies in pharma, medical products, chemicals, biotechnology, and food products.

The firm consults in compliance management, computer system validation, quality management, and also software, IT, organizational consulting, project management, and more.

Stöwer explained the basics of Blockchain technology and introduced various use cases for the pharmaceutical industry. He subsequently answered an array of questions from participants.

faizod has years of experience working with Blockchain and is in the business of devising Blockchain-based solutions for IT problems across various industries. Get in touch with us to learn more about how our trailblazing work can benefit your company!

Life Science meets DIGITAL: faizod on Pharma

On February 21st in Bonn professionals from pharma, life sciences, and healthcare came together with those from information and communication technology and telco at the Life Science meets DIGITAL conference.

Participants were able to exchange ideas and collaborate on projects with one another. A number of presentations were held with intermittent “Think Tanks,” where participants from different industries crossed paths to spin ideas and develop projects.

Olaf Stöwer represented faizod in the production work group, and contributed to the conversation on the possibilities for using Blockchain technology in the pharmaceutical industry.

faizod has long been working on Blockchain solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. Our experts are well versed on the challenges faced by the industry and in development processes and can advise companies on what solutions would be right for them. Get in contact with our experts here!

faizod at IAM Connect 2017

February 20th through 22nd 110 participants gathered in Berlin for the second Identity and Access Management (IAM) Conference.  Manufacturers of software solutions from the IAM area provided information on new product developments and provided the link from theory to practice for the participants.

Olaf Stöwer represented faizod and gave the Keynote address with a general introduction to Blockchain in the context of Bitcoin transactions.  Furthermore, he explained how the technology could be applied in the area of identity and access management.

“In specific application areas of identity management, Blockchain can be a data-saving and tamper-proof alternative,” explained Stöwer.

faizod offers a number of Blockchain solutions that could assist companies in IAM and we are constantly researching new applications.  Blockchain is not the solution for every problem, but we can help find the right solutions for your needs.  Get in contact with our experts here!